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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  November 7, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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a few minutes and join melissa for the second half of this two hour block we call it "power lunch " if you're ready, it's over to you. i'm fine i'm melissa. it looks like phase one is a done deal. we'll tell you how you can catch this rally the twitter spy scandal. the social media company under fire as two employees are caught working for the saudis on side we'll talk to the analysts shareholder will be here to explain whites streaming service will unlease the magic for this stock. power lunch starts right now let's take a look. the dow is up more than 200 points 238 to be exact.
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the nasdaq is higher and the s&p is well. check out the industrial names knocking 52-week highs today we'll have much more on these moves a little bit later on. china and the u.s. are getting closer to an agreement, it seems on the first phase of the trade deal as both sides agree to cancel some existing tariffs. we have the details such as we know them from washington. >> as expected there will be a tariff roll back however partial is part of this deal that's according to both speaking on the condition of anonymity. the u.s. has offered to host a state summit in january. that's according to a source that spoke to reuters. that adds to a list of potential signing sites that included
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iowa, aklaska and europe the white house would still like the two presidents to sign a deal sooner rather than later. they are hoping to reach an grem by next weekend when the apex summit would have been helded in chile. why they acknowledge that deadline might not be possible, waiting until january will be seen as a significant delay. even as the december tariffs are expected to be cancelled expect those in the september tariffs and the hyped 30% on last year's tariffs to be suspended indefinitely as part of this deal but that's if and when we do see that deal stocks are soaring as the u.s. and china inch closer to the trade deal let's get to bob at the new york stock exchange hey, bob >> the move today always an tar
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rir ri dn rif riffs. it's like a switch went on let me show you what's going on since december 1st we have seen banks hitting new highs. we seen energies move up love that when the dow transimportatran transports elsewhere we have seen sectors all these defensive names that were big market leaders in the middle of the year like utilities and consumer staples they are all moving down in november and hold builders as well. will yield decline we have been seeing, has really played havoc with some of those big names in the home buildings space i'm waiting for big, big break outs in some of the other stocks only 10% of the s&p is at new high i'd like to see some other new names here that are not on the
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new high list. the banks are not wells fargo. that will impress them we get 30% of the s&p at new highs versus 10. now i'm really impressed not there yet. >> all right thank you. bob mentioned they were watching in the bond market today rick is tracking the action. ten-year yields close to 2%, rick >> yes as a matter of fact right now two years are up century ten years are up 10. 30 year bonds are up 10. this has been a big day. i was really excited about it because dealers took historically low amount which means who stepped up direct bidders were hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, banks, government exactly the large entities that usually step in usually year end or yields get juicy. just straight up on the highs
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and pretty much all maturities and yields ten minus twos hovers around 25 basis points a little over 28 is the highest of 2019 add we continue to see impressive moves in selling, pushing yields up around the globe. tyler, back to you thank you very much. stocks continue their record run, are we in now or in the mid stop a year end rally and how can you catch the ride if there will be one. you say all systems a go you say market will move higher. >> definitely. it's a situation where all systems are a go it's time for market to start moving higher. it's been flat for a year. earnings have been flat but the
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tone last week completely changed. the fed said if you could sum it up, interest rates will stay low for quite some time and we think that could be as much as several years. with the 10-year note hovering around 10% and the 25 bits on the ten minus two, we have really turned bullish. >> you're a bit more nuanced >> i've been saying around 3100 is probably a reasonable level i think we end up plus or minus 50 points. i think the upside could be tapped by the fact the economy is still in the later stages of digesting tighter financial conditions via higher interest rates we saw throughout 2018 and it won't be until first quarter of next year that the lower
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interest rates start to act as the tail wind. probably a wild card until things are set in stone. i think the down side is limited from the backdrop and the positioning backdrop not being extreme. whether it was 31% responded bearish. the positioning is only marginal lynette long nowhere near where we see at the top of 2008 and the end of 2008. i think there's a bit of a range here as we move into next year you start to see a more obvious bottoming in the global manufacturing cycle and much more aggressive rotation >> randy, why do you say avoid facebook and google? >> just because of the regulatory problems.
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it could be dead money for a little bit of time we'd rather go into something like the home depot. we think it's time to buy boeing we believe that could be the aggregation system or like cable for over the top systems >> tell me why you think boei boeing's worst days may be behind it in. >> they have done investigation. once the planes get in the air you'll want to own that stock. you'll be thank. you got into it today rather than waiting until it was all clear in the skies to go back into the stock once it's all clear, i think a lot of the recovery will be already put into that stock. we're probably going to see 400
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next year on that stock. >> jeff mills, you like merging markets that stood out to me why? >> i think if you look at the chart as an example, you're starting to break out through this tight range we were trading in we're now above the 200 day moving average that is starting so slope higher. the technical set up is good in combination with some of things happening with trade on the positive side. i think you can buy into the markets and stick with the rally. >> thank you very much see you soon >> thank you $100 billion that's the amount bill gates says elizabeth warren's tax plan could cost him the latest fighting words in the war on wealth coming up. shares of twitter falling as two employees are charged with spying for saudi arabia. the details of the charges plus the analyst behind that call, next ♪
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welcome back the justice department charged two former twitter employees with spying on users on behalf of saudi arabia. jaul ya has the story. >> that's right.
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two former twitter employees along with the saudi arabian national has been kiaccused of spying on twitter users to obtain information from critics. the former employees violated their terms of employment to access this information in exchange for money and other benefits aside from being criminaling, their conduct was contrary to the free speech principles on which this country was founded twitter issuing a statement thanking the fbi and doj for its support with the investigation saying we recognize the lengths bad actors will go to to try and undermine our service. our company limited access to sensitive information to trained employees. twitter remained in the political spotlight in the u.s. and around the world back over
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to you >> thank you all the negative head lieps swirling around twitter aren't being ignored by wall street saying it had been overly optimistic on twitters profile kevin, welcome to the show i want to first talk about julia's report before we get to your downgrades which seems like two separate issues. in terms of the report about these three people who were caught spying on behalf of saudi arabia, is there a larger concern? do you think this throws twitter back in the spotlight. one of the employees was charged with website maintenance there was no reason for him to be able to access any personal information that he was able to get. >> thanks. your question is a good one.
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feels like in this particular issue, they are taking all the right steps. that being said, i think it does underscore one of the key issues we address in our downgrades which is maintaining a platform of this scale is extraordinarily expensive. there's always going to be bad actors looking to exploit loophol loopholes. the level of investment necessary to sustain the kind of growth that investors are demanding, we think that analysts haven't appreciated that to the full extent that might be the case. >> sounds like you think twitter might have to be spend more on security and this might include physical security. you're making the point in your downgrades to accelerating that twitter has been starving e inif in other words to boo in order to boost the margins.
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>> that's really the key ninety we try to make in our downgrade which is if we look at the 3q result, the take away is twitter is a sustained theory of under investment the key take away there is that twitter is clearly lagged and we think in the market where you do have persistent cost inflation, the need to reinvest, twitter really missed the mark and going forward will be in a period of a lower margin business than a lot of investors expect. >> what the medicine the companies need to take, will they take it and how long will it take to take effect >> that's a good question. the company could undergo a period of sustained investment the challenge for the company i.
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we think they are about 20% too high by the time you get out to 2022 what will happen in our view is they will need to come down in an environment they are coming down and the stock will have hard time moving higher. >> if they keep hitting dau targets does this matter or does this issue fade. more power to them if they can do it without spending that much >> if we want to talk about dau's, the concern is to sustain the growth we're seeing now. this is a key take away. some of the underperform that we have seen is profitability matters as well. revenue can sustain it self.
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>> thanks. industrials hitting record highs. the sector climbing more than 27% this year and we will tell you why it could be a green light for the rest of the market that is next later, coffee has a sustainability problem how one company is working to take the coffee bean out of the brew >> alt-coffee. beyond coffee. beyond bnsea >> power lunch will be right back but when a recall happens, perfectly good food goes to waste. now, we've got away around that. looks good. we're on target. blockchain on the ibm cloud helps pinpoint a problem anywhere from farm to shelf. it's used by some of the biggest retailers everywhere. a nice wedge. so more food ends up on your table, is that daddy's lettuce? yeah. and less food goes to waste. ♪ ♪
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welcome back the u.s. and china agreeing to roll back certain tariffs in future have sent industrials soaring. caterpillar and ups hitting the year's high. they score all time records. it's been really aggressive acceleration through the upside in the industrials >> i think it's to be trusted. it looks like the industrial sector is breaking out relative to the broader market after a long term phase.
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that's very promising and on the individual stock level we're seeing break outs in terms some stocks are reaching all time highs and some are reaching interim highs like u.p.s. and others that seems to exacerbate the momentum behind the move >> all right >> how would you shop in this area >> i think in the space you want to be collecting an above market dividend and utx that way you're getting paid to wait while the stories work out. growth and margins to the tune of 150 basis points. they were investing in the business if you see the transport lead is
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bullish for us as investors but also for the overall market. we're looking at things like utx, boeing, even 3m is starting to behave. >> yeah. seems like the market is starting to place and price in some kind of global recovery thank you very much. head to our website or follow us on twitter back over to you ahead, we'll run through a series of stocks and we'll see whether to buy or sell the names. one is looking and tasting like coffee but without the coffee. we'll have ourselves a little taste test elizabeth warren says she is willing to meet with bill gates but bernie sanders is ready to crash that party and make the billionaire pay. all that when power lunch returns.
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call, click, or visit a store today. welcome back i'm sue herrera. president trump is officially on the ballot for the new hampshire republican primary vice president pence traveled to the state house to file the paper work and hand over the $1,000 filing fee. afterwards he was asked about the house impeachment inquiry. >> what's going on in washington, d.c. today is a disgrace behind closed doors there's a so called impeachment inquiry that the american people know is nothing more than partisan impeachment. it's the latest effort by democrats the try to over turn the results of the 2016 election the remote farming community in mexico is preparing to hold the first funerals for the nine
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americans killed by drug cartel gunmen caravan of pickups and suvs drove across dirt and rocky roads on their way to the small community. security cameras at a factory in greece capturing dramatic footage of a tornado on monday the cctv footage shows the moment the tornado swept across the factories and debris up in the air. luckily there were no injuries reported that's the news update this hour back to you. >> power of nature thank you. oil market closing for the day and for that let's go to dom. >> the overall rotation not just for stocks oil prices solidly higher on the day. you have u.s. benchmark, texas intermediate $57.14. world benchmark right now up by a percent. $62.31 we have the progress towards the early stages of a potential trade deal with china. that's more bullish for the
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global economy which for today is offsetting some of the negativity around yesterday's u.s. official oil inventory data that shows stockpiles rose by what analysts were looking for tyler, a lot of eyes on that oil market back to you. let's take a look at where the market stands on this very positive day you see the industrial is up about 250 points i think 280 something was the high of the day. that's about a 1% move s&p about a half percent or 15 points higher and the nasdaq splitting the difference between those two up two-thirds of a percent or 52 points and the russell up about half a percent. time now for a special edition of money movers. steve, are you ready >> i'm ready >> all right born ready stock number one, expedia.
2:30 pm
plummeting on weak earnings. >> i think it's a sell and a secular sell they are blaming google for tweaking their algorithm and not giving them any real visibility or less visibility i think that's a sell. >> you might explore this out? >> yes whatever you look in over sold on relative strength index it's aggressive i think you have to say maybe it can bounce but you have to wait for the three day rule i'm getting burned in shake shack so wait for three days >> you've been in and out of this one >> i have been this was a great trade for me. just about 20% less than six days in roku you can make it with those reversion bounces but the problem is the market doesn't understand roku yet. is it a platform is it something where it competes with the apple, the
2:31 pm
disneys, the netflix or is it just a platform? i think it's a platform but the market is still confused you know how much the stock is still up 305% year to date. this is not a broken story it's a broken story as of late the problem is with the volatility it keeps people signature on their hands >> it is a sell? >> sell. >> remember the game you have to say buy or sell. >> sorry >> stock number three. ralph lauren >> buy it's a buy it's the same story here better than expected beating, growing in augull segments this is easy because positioning is so negative >> qualcomm is the next one. it's spiking on strong earnings and what they said about 5g very optimistic for next year >> it's a buy. if you look at all the different segments that they are in and
2:32 pm
how they have been hit by huwei news, trade news anything that has been negative for the stock but lawsuits, dropped those. the stock popped about 60% a couple of months ago this is a 5g story it's a trade story both of those things are tail winds for the stocks >> here is a bonus stock got a little time here disney reporting earnings after the bell what do you do here in. >> this is tough the barometer for disney, ooip going -- i'm going to say it's a buy with a caveat. it's got to hold $130 price range. if it breaks down , exit the trade. it's about multiple expansion for disney is it just the old vanilla stock where you get earnings from a bunch of different places. not just a streaming genuine
2:33 pm
play or do you get basically multiple expansion like netflix. never going to trade for the same multiple as netflix does but any multiple expansion from here and this stock can ratchet higher i think it's a buy it's got to hold 130 to stay in the game >> thank you for playing along >> thank you let's stick with disney ahead of its rninearnings aftere bell steve calls it a buy ahead of 130. shares have gone more than 20% this year. is there more room to run. welcome. good to have you with us >> thank you >> you own disney. will you be buying more? well, i guess that depends on largely price.
2:34 pm
the last comment about a buy with a caveat, we believe in the long term economics of disney but i think there are risks to be aware of. it's difficult to really ascertain with the profitability is in the short and medium term. we size it i think you have to keep the sizing small but we do believe in the pricing power and it's ability to have long term growth opportunities. it more with profits propertie to make money. >> absolutely. it's the fly wheel effect. when you compare to all the other people that are competing in the space, it's a fierce competition but seems like race to the bottom. really the jury is still out whether or not streaming can be a profitable business. with disney, a couple things give us confidence and one is the fact the fly wheel affect
2:35 pm
they are not just selling content. it might be one a and done they are selling experiences they are selling ride, cruise, consumer merchandise and everything else. that fly wheel allows them to price content lower and still remain profitable over time combined with the fact their content has a longer shelf life. instead of one and done, these are cross generational and keep resurrecting and using over and over for generations to come it's a different concept one is trying to get as many users as possible, a land grab for users and amortized across machi many and it's questionable how that will work out >> do you like the fact that disney is going into a business that it's so costly that will
2:36 pm
require money? they have been a very conservative sort of business. in the streaming war you don't have a good sense. they can say they will spend x, y and z, just last night they will be spending more. >> i agree they have to do it it's incredible to see how many businesses do you see where the ceo has the guts to disrupt their own business we are looking at despite the murkiness of the numbers that will be coming in over the next few years, the real question that has to be answered is just do their properties have pricing power.
2:37 pm
that's been busted up and broken by the internet. disney was not only valuable because of that but because of the iconic characters in their stories. while we have, it's uncertain how this will shake out, we believe they will be materially larger in the future because of their long blind growth opportunities in china you see the success in marvel movies out there disney is a global appeal combined with the fact they have proven pricing power almost every business, if you look at it after adjusting for inflation is in decline on a pricing metric that's what's happening in the media world right now. it's great for consumers disney has proven their ticket prices compounds 7.5% for decades in raising prices far i excess of inflation. that's key i think there's an advantage >> it does seem rarely to get cheaper to go to disney world.
2:38 pm
thank you so much. we appreciate it >> thank you we have a news alert on juul >> juul is announcing stopping sale of mint flavored pods in the yieunited states. this comes as the company is in tremendous pressure. new data came out showing just how many kids in high school and middle school are using products and are on the rise. mint is an incredibly popular flavor among high school students ceo saying in the companies statement that that data this week influenced their decision to pull this from the market saying the results are unacceptable and earn the trust of society mint accounts for 70% of the company's sales citing a source floor. this is a big move it cops ahemes ahead of fda gui
2:39 pm
banning the sell of mint flavors in the united states it's been two months since president trump said he will direct the fda to do that. we haven't seen it yet menthol and tobacco flavors will remain on the market it comes after juul took off its fruit flavors so mint joining the flavors taking off >> mint accounts for 70% of their revenue? >> that is according to the revenue. >> that would be a threat to the company. >> what's left >> what's left that a big hit >> existensial is the world sur rou -- word surrounding this company. it has been with thc people are saying to the ecigarette industry.
2:40 pm
>> thank you forget the cream and sugar cups of joe many the future may not contain any coffee kate rogers is in seattle, the capital of coffee with that story. >> have you heard of coffee without the beans. we'll tell you how one start up onow lherethat after t bak perunch
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you can already get a meatless sausage breakfast sandwich and soon you may be able to get a cup of coffeeless coffee to go along with it as growers deal with a sustainability problem it will force farms to move north where there's less land opinion one company is working to take the actual bean out of the coffee kate rogers is in seattle to explain. so many questions we have here, kate >> i hope i can answer them all. we are here where they are
2:44 pm
making molecular coffee. their process will be more sustainable long term. >> we take up cycled ingredients, that he has are waste streamed products that are normally discarded by farmers and take those and find compounds in those ingredients that we can use to contribute to the flavor and aroma and body of coffee we're taking up cycles ingredients and using that as our base for our coffee. >> they raised $25,000 on kickstarter. the backer of impossible foods came in with $2.6 million in a funding round. you're probably all wondering what is in it. the company keeps things close to the vest in their manufacturing process. they are calling it intellectual
2:45 pm
properties agriculture products including sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, couaffeine. i would love to hear what you think. we had to put this to the test before i tell you what i think, there's some onset and i would o love to hear what you think. >> i see it in piles there does it smell like coffee, kate? >> it does they are still working to perfect the hot brews. they are cold brews. the grounds do smell like coffee they have a faint smell. they want to make the smell stronger for lot of people, coffee is a ritual you want the aroma >> sometimes the smell is better than the taste >> this is a blind taste test. number one, number two one is the leading brand
2:46 pm
the other is the tomo coffee this is cold it's black coffee. >> he's taking it very seriously. >> i've been drinking since i was in the second grade. >> you speed a palette cleanser? >> a shot of tequila >> that's close. >> really? >> i am going to guess that number two is the atomo. i think i'm wrong. i'm wrong. >> number one. it was very, very close. >> i'm being told that you are wrong. we took this out into the street and did a blind taste test with people up against the leading cold brew.
2:47 pm
7 in 10 people chose atomo they like the taste. they all argued it taste a little sweeter they did not reveal the price. they are calling it the most expensive cup of coffee. they are hoping to have it in retail stores. >> i think i would have gotten it right if i had drank number two first and come back to number one now that i go back to number one, it tastes -- >> you can try it again. i'll mix the numbers through the break. thanks >> it's pretty good, right in. >> it's good i'd drink it here is taste of some of the other stories we're following for you today. for all knicks fans there's
2:48 pm
pressure for sell after decade of mediocrity on the court and ice. they are set to control the two teams until the split. shares of msg are up on this news >> the knicks are 1 in 7 and giants are 2 and 7 they have four wins between them those teams. the rangers are doing well canopy growth is going from zero to 100 with drake, the hip hop artist to launch more life growth company in his hometown of toronto the joint venture will sell recreational marijuana and accessories. the star stud cast hasn't helped the stock. shares have plummeted close to
2:49 pm
40%. we have breaking news on the u.s.-china trade deal. >> we just have one headline from reuters that says the white house plan to roll back china tariffs faces fierce internal opposition and no final decision has been made yet. we are waiting for the full story to see what reuters is reporting and which specific tariff roll back plan it refers to cnbc reporting that peter navarro was fighting this phase one deal and he believed no tariff should be rolled back if china didn't kplit commit to th original language it banned back in may we knew that not every one was happy with the direction that discussions were going in but there was an expectation that the september and december tariffs would be rolled back as part of this phase one deal. we'll wait for the story to cross and get you more details when it does >> no tariff left behind to be the motto for this it's a very interesting thing.
2:50 pm
we're seeing the market react here off its highs down about 50 points just in the past few seconds it goes the idea that the market has been so tied to this trade story. this it's extremely difficult to follow this moving target but we're doing the best we can. >> kayla tausche in washington covering it brilliantly. bill gates is the latest billionaire to discuss his concerns about elizabeth warren's a wealth tax. bernie sanders also jumping into the fray oh, boy those details next it was sophie's big day.
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2:54 pm
i paid more than anyone in taxes. [ laughter ] but i'm glad -- if i had to pay 20 billion it's fine [ laughter ] but, you know, when you say i should pay 100 billion okay i'm doing a little math about what i have left over sorry. i'm just kidding [ laughter ] so you really want the incentive system to be there and you can go a long ways without threatening that >> have you ever talked to elizabeth warren about that? >> i have not. >> would you >> i'm not sure how open-minded she is [ laughter ] or that she would even be willing to sit down with somebody who has large amounts of money >> after that offer to meet with warren, warren tweeted back i'm always happy to meet with people even if we have different views. bill, if we get a chance i would like to explain how much you would pay under my tax and i promise it's not $100 billion.
2:55 pm
bernie sanders weighed in if bill gateswas taxed $100 billion we could end homelessness and provide safe drinking water to every where. the billionaire class can't have it all when so many have so little how much would bill gates pay under the warren wealth tax? 6% on fortunes over a billion. his net worth about 109 billion. she's planning tax on unrealized capital gains. so he would pay an addition enamel $7 billion. his total tax this year under warren would be $13.5 billion. two democratic congressman proposing new taxes on the rich today. senator chris von holland floating a surtax on income over 2 million. top tax rate for income would go
2:56 pm
to 47% top rate on capital gains would raise about $635 billion >> the line is moving lower and lower. when it comes to bill gates would it be the gains for this year as opposed to his cost basis which is a completely different story. >> yeah. if it were his cost basis, you know that -- his cost basis is basically zero on that stock that idea of unrealized capital gains is the most complicated and potentially the most lucrative of all her proposals it doesn't get much attention because its hard to label the unrealiz jieized capital gains > ecplses xt very much >>chk ea ine when it comes to your customers' expectations,
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check please we're watching the dow flury back after taking a little bit of a dip after clkayla tausche said the rolling back of tariffs is quite fierce fight in the white house. peter navarro is involved in that fight >> we saw the skepticism in the markets. if phase one were a done deal, we probably would be up more than a percent across the board on major averages.
3:00 pm
>> up 280. might have been 600 if it was a done deal. the whole market is captive to headlines. tremendous amount of headlines >> yep thank you for watching "power lunch" >> glad to have you with us. "closing bell" will begin right now. welcome to "closing bell". i'm courtney regan i'm on the floor of the new york stock exchange disney posted higher but facing a big test after the bell when earnings will be out we'll be speak with the ceo about those results. >> i'm wilfred frost let's have a look what's driving the action potential roll back of tariffs between u.s. an china sending stocks the record highs but now cautious headlines took a little bite out of those gains. trade bellwether


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